Teaching My Kid Magic

My kid loves watching magic being performed on tv, so I thought I’d teach him some tricks he could impress his friends with at school. He has his own little gang of friends that think like he does and it’s pretty cute, I have to say.

These are tricks I had to teach him outside, but the problem was I hadn’t mowed the grass in a week. So before he got home from school, I pulled out my Worx WG775 CORDLESS electric lawn mower and cut the grass real quick. I’m so glad I got it because it makes the job so much faster and easier.

With the grass freshly cut, I taught my son some magic tricks on some nice clean grass that smelled amazing. He’s excited to show his friends when the time is right. It was fun to see him so interested in learning. I think he might want to be a professional magician, which I would fully support.