Learning Magic For My Friends

My friends and I usually get together once a week, mostly with each of us taking a turn with hosting. We’re always looking for different things to get into, so I got an idea after watching a movie about a magician. I could look up magic tricks to learn that would entertain us in a new way.

I started looking around online to see where I could buy the supplies for these tricks I was to learn. I found www.magictrickstore.com and was shocked at all the different items they had! I immediately had to go to the beginner’s category because I don’t know much about creating the illusion of magic.

magic tricks

They have all kinds of stuff, but for now I just got 2 DVDs to show me how to do certain tricks. I will definitely go back for more once I learn the basics. I even got a discount by being a member. Now I will go practice for this week’s get together!