Kayaking With My Magic Buddies!

My magician buddies and I meet a few times a month to discuss what new tricks we’ve learned since the last time we met. A couple of them perform magic acts for a living at special events, and others do it part time as a side job, but I do it just for fun with them. Doing tricks in front of an audience makes me uncomfortable because I have a bit of social anxiety with crowds.

card trick

I usually go kayaking once a week on the open ocean for relaxation and some exercise. I’ve seen some beautiful wildlife out there and even a shark fin! Thankfully, the shark just kept going and didn’t stalk me, because I would have been truly terrified! It’s because of these experiences that I invited my friends to join me, since they seem like a kind of uptight group.

I have my own kayak, but they didn’t, nor were they that familiar with kayaks. So I took them to rent a kayak. Some went together on a 2 person kayak, and some got their own. A friend had referred me to kayak rentals San Diego. Then we set off, side by side so I could explain some things to them. They really enjoyed the time as much as I did and most of them said they couldn’t wait to do it again.


I’m also learning to surf, slowly, even though I’m afraid of sharks in that area. There are a lot of seals around, so that naturally attracts sharks, especially great whites! They’ve been in the news lately, juveniles staying close to shore to feed and explore. I’m sure they aren’t just waiting to attack humans and are probably just honing all the skills they’ll need when they grow up, but I don’t want to be the exception! Anyway, can’t wait to kayak with my friends again, so I’m going to schedule that as soon as possible.