A Magical Story of Friendship And Kayaking

From a young age, I was always fascinated by magic, especially card tricks. I remember this one time my mom took me to a magic show. After all of the wonder and amazement I felt, I decided then that magic was what I wanted to do. However, due to the complexities of life, let’s just say that was a dream that never became a reality, although my love for the art never actually faded.

Many years later (around 20 or so), as a student in Chicago, something almost magical happened. One time I was walking to the other side of campus where a group of friends were waiting for me. On the walkway, just a few meters in front of me was this girl who was about my height and very attractive. As she was walking, she received a phone call and her handbag accidentally dropped, spilling the contents all over the pavement. Knowing this was my heaven sent chance, I hurried to help with her things, but one item among her belongings struck me. It was a pack of playing cards.

playing cards

What girl walks around with a pack of cards? As we walked and talked together, I decided to ask about them and to my surprise, she told me she was a card magician. Well, not professionally, but a hobby she was taught by her step dad. She immediately brought back to life my suppressed love for magic and we talked about it endlessly, which is how we became friends.

Her name was Debra and she was from Bend, Oregon. We talked about many things in the course of our friendship, including childhood pastimes. Hers was kayaking with her Sevylor inflatable kayak which was expected anyway since that is part of the Bend culture. I asked her how a kayaker fell in love with magic and she told me about her stepdad, a guy named Bob, who came into her life when she was 10 and filled the void her biological father left. Sadly, Bob passed away when she turned 18. The cards she carries around in her bag were a present from Bob and she keeps them in his memory.

During the next vacation, she invited me up north to Oregon. Of course, I was excited because I’d never been there my whole life but I was scared thinking she was up to no good. I had told her many times about my phobia towards the water, but I knew she was planning to put me in a box. I wasn’t wrong, she put me in a kayak and then I was flowing downstream on Deschutes river.

Deschutes River

That was one hell of an experience, so I looked up some inflatable kayak reviews for the next trip, or even on my own. Unfortunately, we were unable to hit it off after that. She claimed I was funny and sweet but I could only be a friend to her. I liked her a lot so I decided that we could be friends anyway, and that’s how we’ll be for a long time hopefully!

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